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as of Fri 6/24 19:16
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Providence Alaska Regional ANMC JBER Hospital
Status as of
Fri 6/24 19:16
  Open   Open   Open   Open
562-2211 276-1131 563-2662 580-5555

Recent Divert Status Changes
  Providence Alaska Regional ANMC JBER Hospital
Mon 6/20 09:57 Divert Status 1 & 2
open Stemi & Trauma 
Mon 6/20 14:31 Clear - 4:34       
Tue 6/21 04:06     Divert Status 2 & 3   
Tue 6/21 06:06     Clear - 2:01   
Fri 6/24 03:19     Divert Other Reason
closed to L&D 
Fri 6/24 08:16     Clear - 4:57   

Current as of: Fri 6/24/2016 7:16:00 PM

This page shows the divert status for the emergency rooms of the four hospitals in Anchorage. This page is updated every five minutes.

The Anchorage Fire Department dispatchers update the data that is used by this page from information supplied by the hospitals. If the hospitals don't inform AFD dispatch of their status changes, this page won't be accurate.

When you look at the status change history, the frequency of the status changes can vary nothing in 2 or 3 days up to multiple changes an hour. If you need to know the status of a hospital this instant, call the hospital.