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Is Today a Burn Day? Is Today a Burn Day?
Open Fires are ALLOWED Today Due to LOW-MODERATE Fire Danger

Outside recreational fires are authorized today with the following limitations; fires may not be more than 3 feet in diameter and no more than 2 feet high; fires must be located at least 25 feet from structures, decks, trees, brush and dry grass; clear an area on the ground of at least 6 feet in diameter and remove and dispose of all combustible surface materials; you must be in attendance of outside recreational fires at all times; you are required to have a charged water hose within reach of the fire and a tool such as a shovel to extinguish the fire when you are done; you must extinguish your fire immediately if the wind speed increases to 10 mph or greater; only cured (dry) firewood is allowed and not green or wet wood that produces offensive smoke; outside fires must be extinguished DEAD OUT after use; use water and a tool to mix and stir the coals until there is no heat remaining; test with the back of your hand several inches above the extinguished coals are out and recheck in an hour.

Barbecue grills (electric, gas & charcoal) are allowed today. Enclosed pellet grills (Traeger, etc.) are also allowed. Portable outdoor fireplaces may be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions within 15 feet of combustible surfaces, providing that it is elevated 12 inches off of the ground and it has a spark arrestor, chimney stack, or screen over the top.

Burn permits are no longer available for burning spruce bark beetle slash. Yard debris including leaves, grass and tree limbs cannot be burned and must be disposed of through curbside trash removal or the Solid Waste Service's transfer site or the landfill. Please use the wood lots, when available, for disposing of woody debris. Contact AFD's Forester if you have questions at 267-4902.
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