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Is Today a Burn Day? Is Today a Burn Day?



Except for:  Contained fires in constructed backyard fire pits (only with screens), chimineas and bbq's & fish smokers. 


Contained fires in constructed backyard fire pits, chimineas, or barbeques (Gas, electric, charcoal) are allowedBarbeques shall be at least 10 feet from combustible surfaces and approved container fires (chimineas) shall be at least 15 feet from combustible surfaces, which include walls, fences, trees and dry grasses.  All fires including cooking grills must be attended at all times by a responsible adult.  * Watch the wind if it gets over 10mph you must stop burning.

 Please call the burn hotline for the daily burning restriction update after 9:00 AM at 267-5020.  

Contact AFD's Forester if you have questions at 267-4902 or AFD Administration at 267-5091.  



Burn permits have been suspended due to drier than normal climatic conditions. No burn permits will be issued until conditions improve to allow safe burning.


We suggest you use the wood lots, in Anchorage at 100th & C, Eagle River at the Hiland landfill, and Girdwood on Ruane Road.  We will post the opening dates soon.


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