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ED: Recovery Period 60 min
Psych: Closed
Trauma: Open


ED: Open
Psych: Closed
ED: Open
Psych: Open
Trauma: Open
ED: Open
Psych: Open

This webpage displays the status of the emergency departments and certain specialty care services at the four primary hospitals located within the Municipality of Anchorage which receive patients from the Anchorage Area Wide EMS System and beyond. The webpage is updated every minute.

The Anchorage Fire Department Dispatchers update the data that is displayed on this page from information supplied by the hospitals when they are experiencing heavy patient loads and specialty care closures. If the hospitals don't inform AFD Dispatch of their status changes, this page won't be accurate.

To view up to four days of status change history for each facility, click on the hospital’s name in the appropriate box (ex. “PAMC” or “JBER” found in the blue bar). A separate window will open. When viewing the status change history, the frequency of changes can vary from no changes over two to three days up to multiple changes within less than an hour.

Full Closure

A hospital that declares a full closure of its facility due to an internal disaster or other significant event may also close to EMS transports. The hospital will remain under Full Closure status until such time the incident has been mitigated and AFD Dispatch is notified the hospital is open again.

Recovery Period

An Emergency Department is experiencing an event or events which acutely depletes all of its resources and is placed on a 60-minute Recovery Period. Ambulances will bypass the facility during the Recovery Period unless they have already completed a prehospital radio or cell phone report to the facility prior to the Recovery Period notification in AFD Dispatch.

Specialty Closure

A hospital is experiencing unavailability of critical resources such as CT scanner, cardiac catheterization lab, or operating rooms, for example. The hospital’s Specialty Closure(s) will remain in place until the resource(s) become available and AFD Dispatch is notified.

Extended Wait Time

An informational-only notice the Emergency Department is experiencing critical staffing and/or bed shortages and patients may have to wait for extended periods of time to be seen by staff.

Within the Anchorage Area Wide EMS System, the patient’s status code is determined by the following guidelines:

Code 99
Cardiac Arrest.
Status 1
Unstable, immediate threat to life or limb.
Status 2
Stable at this time, potential threat to life or limb.
Status 3
Stable with no potential threat to life or limb.