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Is Today a Burn Day?


Please follow all safe burning guidelines!
Extinguish all fires if the wind increases above 10 mph!


If you have a current Beetle Killed Spruce Burn Permit, you may burn today.

New Spruce Beetle Kill Permits are not being issued at this time


Barbecue grills  (electric, gas & charcoal) are allowed today. Open fires less than 3 feet in diameter and under 2 feet high in cleared areas at least 25 feet from combustible surfaces (structures, trees, fences, etc.) are allowed.


Portable outdoor fireplaces and chimineas may be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions within 15 feet of combustible surfaces, providing that it is elevated 12 inches off of the ground or placed on a non-combustible surface and it has a spark arrestor, chimney stack, or screen over the top.


Please call the burn hotline for the daily burning restriction update

after 9:00 AM at 267-5020.



Contact AFD's Forester if you have questions at 267-4902.



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